We work with our clients to support the profitable winning and delivering of work based on cross-industry experience and over 10 years of winning competitive and profitable pitches and tenders in professional services environments.

Some examples of how we support our clients are:

  • Building open-book easy-to-follow cost & price models that allow price to be adjusted and for value-for-money to be explained to the customer
  • Analysing and advising on the win-themes from received pitch/tender documentation
  • Educating firms on how to move away from (and embrace) retainers & fixed pricing (along with points-based variance management) in place of older time-and-disbursement pricing structures
  • Aligning pricing models, structures and sell-prices across different and disparate business units
  • Analysing and aligning disparate and inconsistent prices and rate-cards across geographies
  • Designing and advising effective bidding strategies that focus bidding effort on the opportunities most likely to be won, and most aligned to the strategy and vision of the firm
  • Designing and implementing pricing, governance and quality-assurance processes
  • Collaborating on pricing innovation and ways to gain market-share through new and client-preferred pricing models
  • Enabling firms to identify, quantify, analyse, monetise and mitigate the risks of pricing to unfamiliar client pricing structures
  • Crafting pricing models into budgets/baselines and use this to gap-analyse planned income and cost profiles against the ‘actuals’ month-by-month

For further information or an exploratory discussion please contact enquiries@enginance.com