Enginance can represent your business within an electronic cost model and advise on the pricing of your existing products and services and for bids and projects.

We specialise in the estimation, modelling and optimisation of costs, risk mitigation, margins (profit levels), cashflow and how to best present your offerings to your customers.

Enginance can build fully bespoke and dynamic Excel-based cost, price and financial models to address whatever need you may have.  Adopting best practices from across the transport and defence industries, models will be easy to follow and easy to own and develop within your company.  Example outputs are:

  • Cost models and budgets,
  • Pricing and revenue models,
  • Business case and viability models (money-in vs money-out),
  • Cashflow modelling and forecasting,
  • Templates for repetitive bid pricing,
  • Lowest whole-life-cost models,
  • Decision Support Tools (DSTs) to answer quantitative questions for business cases or investment decisions,
  • Processing, compiling, comparing and evaluating supplier quotations (from competitive tenders) to enable selection of best value,
  • Budgetary and scenario analysis for funding and long term budgeting to regulatory requirements

Enginance is pleased to undertake cost and financial modelling either on a conventional daily rate basis (plus any expenses) or on a fixed price fee if you want certainty on what you may have to pay.

As for Pricing advisory, examples of ways in which we help are:

  • setting and advising on pricing strategy
  • quantifying the costs and benefits of pursuing an opportunity
  • understanding the win price and how this compares to your cost base and margin expectation
  • advising on the most advantageous commercial framework
  • undertaking estimating, cost modelling and pricing
  • supporting contractual negotiations
  • advising on bid and operational processes for winning and delivering work.

We can also assist in the pricing (or re-pricing) of your existing products and professional services and evaluate the price sensitivity of overall sales and profit levels over time.

For entrepreneurs and start-ups, where cost analysis and revenue predictions are critical to the viability of an initiative and setting commercial time-frames & strategy, Enginance can be your commercial and financial ‘business partner’ and support all of your monetary analysis for a fixed fee – please contact enquiries@enginance.com for a quotation.