Through data analysis of your company’s sales and operating costs, Enginance will summarise and present a thorough overview of what is working well and where inefficiencies reside across revenue, costs of sale, stock-holdings, logistics, geography, systems, suppliers, customers, administrative costs and company overheads.

Whether your data is held over a series of spreadsheets or within a Structured Query Language (SQL)/relational database, we will analyse your data via Excel & PowerPivot through industry-recognised techniques (such as Pareto Analysis) and deliver a ‘health check’ of where your revenues-versus-costs are strong and where they are weak.  We can then work with you to put improvement strategies and action plans in place.

Our ethos is to work with absolute discretion, in confidence, and to undertake all analysis (and share all findings) in a collaborative and helpful way.  Our goal is to help you grow and maximise your net margins by evaluating and implementing ways to grow revenue whilst reducing operating costs.

We can work to a mandate set and agreed between us or implement our own approach to deliver the most insightful and valuable advice.

Once a standard Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) has been signed, we can work within your organisation on your own company assets (email address, laptop, phone, etc.) to ensure data security of all commercially sensitive data.