Every company has data which comes in many forms: from scribbles on pieces of paper of what is bought and sold through to reams of data downloaded from a database or accounting system.

Whatever the form of the data there is always a story within.  That story provides an explanation as to why, when and how much money is being spent versus why, when and how much money is coming in.  From that story, inefficiencies can be identified and reversed so as to improve business performance: lower operational costs and generate greater revenue. In addition, prices can be reviewed to counter any under-selling and identify untapped potential.

At Enginance we specialise in rapid data analysis from the most basic to the most advanced levels; leveraging the power of Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint to explain and analyse a company’s Money in and Money Out (MiMo) and work collaboratively to lower costs and increase revenues.

We approach data analysis on an engineering “cause and effect” basis rather than one of pure (and baffling) accountancy which delivers added pragmatism and simplicity whilst focusing only on the areas that make a real difference to profits.

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