Across all pricing approaches (notably time & materials, cost-plus, fixed-price and firm-fixed-price arrangements) we specialise in helping our clients to quantify the direct and indirect costs, risks, overheads, profit/margin, inflation, cashflow & foreign currency implications within a sell-price to their customers and optimise the mix of these factors to arrive at the most competitive offer.

For work already won we support clients in operational finance by implementing gap-analysis techniques to track and assess the reasons behind differences in the ‘planned’ costs, revenues and gross profits against the ‘actuals’.  With reasons identified, corrective actions are recommended to minimise costs whilst maximising revenues.

For start-ups and small/medium sized enterprises Enginance offers Money in Money Out (MiMo) as a holistic and rapid analysis of the cost base, revenue streams and drivers behind (or against) profit margins.

Enginance's pricing strategy, theories & methodologies

Our top three papers on cost and price strategy and how to compete in your market-place