By adopting a fusion of Engineering and Finance principles, we specialise in estimating, pricing, cost modelling, training in Microsoft Excel™ and providing real-time spreadsheet help, online.  Our mission is to work collaboratively with you and your business to help you win against the competition, deliver quality and make money.

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3. Enginance

In addition to our main service lines, we offer project management and on-the-ground delivery; enabling you to get the job done by deploying short-term support, embedded within your company.

Our main innovation is Enginance’s Early Valuation Of Cost And Price (EVOCAP) methodology – a pioneering way in which to quantify and present, clearly and quickly, an ‘early version’ of the cost make-up, risks/contingencies and profit margins that drive an offered price – primarily for competitive tendering. Tailored to each client, the price-result is compared to, and improved-continually against, the assessed market price-to-win, based on in-house knowledge and competitor analysis (i.e.: your customer’s budget, competitors likely prices, extant market prices, etc.) to gauge if an opportunity is viable and how a winning-approach can be forged.


Enginance's pricing strategy, theories & methodologies

Our top three papers on how to set strategy, contemplate the best pricing approach and to compete in your market-place