By adopting a fusion of Engineering and Finance principles, we specialise in business analysis, estimating, pricing, cost modelling, SaaS reporting and training in Microsoft Excel™. Our mission is to work collaboratively with you and your business to help you improve margins, win against the competition, deliver quality and make money.

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3. Enginance

We offer holistic, bespoke and rapid analysis of our clients’ cost base, revenue streams and drivers behind (or against) profit margins. Once analysed, findings on cost, price, revenue and price are played-back through easy-to-follow presentations or reports. Following this, further work can take place to set strategies and forge action plans in collaboration with all levels of your organisation.

For companies and start-ups offering Software as a Service (SaaS), Enginance specialises in explaining, designing and building SaaS analytics and reporting/dashboards covering elements such as Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR), Average Revenue Per Account (ARPA), Average Sales Price (ASP), Customer Churn Rates, Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC), customer Life Time Value (cLTV), etc.

Enginance's pricing strategy, theories & methodologies

Our top three papers on cost and price strategy and how to compete in your market-place